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Great Date Ideas for Black Singles


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Sure, there are always movies and dinners out, but what if you want to impress your date with a creative and imaginative outing? Many black dating sites help you connect with a potential partner, but rarely suggest ideas on what to do with that partner. But fear not! We’re here to help.

The keys to planning a knock-out date are:
  • Considering your audience. Is it likely that he or she is interested in the activity?
  • Being prepared. This includes considering the logistics – how you’ll travel, making reservations, having cash, etc.
  • Choosing something you’re familiar with. It’s always attractive to be taught something new by someone who is knowledgeable. It may be inadvisable to pick something you’ve never done yourself; chefs know not to try out a new recipe on guests.

Great Date Ideas for Black Singles

Pro sports game

Sports games are great, especially for first dates – they offer the entertainment of a movie and the conversational opportunity of a meal. Any awkward gaps are typically filled in with cheers and crowd-watching. Watch the checkbook, however; one beer can cost upwards of $10.


While not providing the best opportunity for chit-chat, concerts often get the endorphins going. They can also offer numerous cuddling and hand-holding opportunities. Remember to consider your date’s taste, however, in choosing the performer and type of music.


A little friendly competition often gets the relationship juices flowing. You can also show your fun, lighter side during a few bouts of Skee-ball and Daytona USA.

Farmer’s Market / Street Fair

Both Farmer’s Markets and street fairs provide endless entertainment and conversation. You and your date can discover unique handmade products, weird antiques and exotic foods while getting in a little exercise.

Picnic in the Park

This is a great option if you’re on a budget. Evidence of preplanning (packing a picnic basket, selecting the perfect location) can score big points with your partner. You may want to bring an activity, however – Frisbee, for example – to provide an alternative to merely staring at one another.

These date ideas can take you off the beaten path of cliché dates, and on to romance.

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