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First Date Facts by the Numbers



You’ve made the connection. The first date is set.

But what should you expect? Here is a breakdown of first date facts by the numbers.

First Date Facts

Over two-thirds of people believe in love at first sight. That means make a good impression!

One-fourth of people say they trust the person they’re going out on a first date with. You probably have some work to do to earn your date’s trust. Be honest and open.

43% of singles say they Googled the other person before the first date. He/she may have done some research on you. They’ll know if you’re lying or inflating the truth. You also need to decide if you’re going to go looking into their past before the date.

42% of people say they’ve regretted their “one night stand” the next day. Think long and hard before deciding to sleep with your date the first time out. Do you expect to see them again? If they don’t call you again, will you regret having sex?

People say the number one conversation killer on a first date is talking about past relationships. Don’t let your conversation get hung up by ghosts of girlfriends or boyfriends from the past. Whoever broke your heart doesn’t deserve a place in your future.

In the United States, an Italian restaurant is the most common choice for a first date. It’s okay to follow the pack, but choosing an exciting destination for your first date can be a great option. There is a direct link between excitement/danger and attraction.

Between the First and Second Dates

For men, the chances of getting a second date when you haven’t contacted her within the first 24 hours of the first date are only 1 in 8. Women don’t like being toyed with. If you are interested in them after the first date, let them know sooner rather than later.

When mutual friends set up the first date, there is only a 17% chance for a second date. Maybe your friends don’t know the perfect person for you. You might have better luck making a new connection with someone you’re more compatible with through online dating, instead of relying on friends of friends to set you up.

Men will decide within the first 15 minutes whether they want to go on a second date. Women are more patient, taking the first hour to decide. Man or woman, the window for your first impression is small. A first date can cause some nervousness, but if you can get comfortable with your date quickly, you can make sure they see the real you before making the second date decision.

Keep these facts in mind to set yourself up for first date success.

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