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5 Great First Date Movies


Nothing can kill a first date like a bad movie. Movies are more than entertainment (or the lack thereof) – they often reflect who you are to a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. For a silver screen example, avoid the example of Robert DeNiro’s first date with Cybill Shepherd in “Taxi Driver;” he took her to a triple-X theater…

Black singles should think long and hard before picking the wrong first date film.

Elements of a successful first date movie:
  • Levity. No one wants to sit through an ultra-depressing movie with someone they just met. And making the mascara run with sadness on date #1 rarely works out for anyone.
  • Brevity. Avoid 3-hour-plus movies. Many people don’t have the required attention span and it takes away from talk time.
  • Happy Ending. Do you need to be reminded from the outset that some relationships don’t work? I didn’t think so. You want your first date to be associated with positive energy, not depression.

Below are five good examples of ideal first date movies. Some are bittersweet (“Jerry Maguire,” for example) but all of them leave us believing in the redemptive power of love.

Just Wright

Starring: Queen Latifah, Common, Paula Patton

Just Wright.jpg

Having a best friend who looks like Paula Patton is a recipe for disaster – especially when she’s a man-eater. Yet, this is the unenviable position Queen Latifah finds herself in during “Just Wright.” When physical therapist Latifah finds herself falling for pro basketball star Common, she is relegated to the “friend box” the instant Patton shows her lovely face. Will Common be able to see through Patton’s shiny object to find true love with Latifah?

Jerry Maguire

Starring: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Renee Zellweger

Jerry Maguire.jpg

Spotlighting the challenges and pitfalls of love in the 20th century, “Jerry Maguire” is a romantic story with a redemptive end. Where the relationship between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger is rife with tension and imbalance, the marriage of Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Regina King is strong and generous, giving Tom and Renee something to shoot for.


Starring: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James


There are few moments in life as satisfying as watching a Ladies’ Man get shot down. Will Smith is a dating consultant with a great track record of landing clients the women of their dreams. He’s unprepared for his own love story, however, when he meets Eva Mendes, a wily journalist determined to unmask Hitch’s anonymous “date doctor.”

Jumping the Broom

Starring: Paula Patton, Laz Alonso, Angela Bassett

Jumping the Broom.jpg

When Paula Patton’s uptown girl lands herself a downtown boy, they quickly decide to marry. But will true love last through the tests and trials of a big, Martha’s Vineyard wedding? Watch it and see.

Love and Basketball

Starring: Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan

Love and Basketball.jpg

Coming-of-age tale “Love and Basketball” is a beautiful film that uses hoops as a focal point for the action, as well as establishing an unbreakable bond between the leads. A story of love, loss and love regained, this story will tug at your heartstrings in the best possible way.

Picking the right movie can make all the difference in getting to the second date. Hopefully, with the suggestions above, you’ll have a good shot.

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