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5 Great Dates Based on Childhood Favorites


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One of life’s great ironies is that when you’re a child, you have interest in various activities, but often lack money; when you’re an adult, you have money, but often lack interest. Imagine how much $20 of tokens would have meant to your 7-year-old self… and yet, today, that $20 is more likely to fill up your gas tank than find its way into a coin slot.

To that end, nostalgic outings can be the perfect way to connect with your date – and learn something about them in the process. Whether it’s steering a go-kart or wandering the aisles of Toys ‘R Us, black singles are sure to have a great time returning to their childhoods.



Holy rollers, Batman! There never seemed to BE enough tokens for this game! But now that you’re pulling in adult bucks, you and your date can play hours on end (and probably for less than the average movie date). At the end of the evening, you’ll probably have enough tickets to buy a whoopee cushion or even a jelly bracelet.



You may have an Xbox or PS3 at home, but nothing can replace a big box arcade game. Not only do they often sport better equipment (guns in the shoot-em-up games, steering wheels in the driving contests), they allow you to play right next to your date, getting those hot competitive juices flowing.


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Who knew that driving a toy car would still be fun after you got the adult version? By largely eliminating the fear of wrecking, however, go-karts allow us to blow off steam while channeling our inner driver.

Toy Store

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Think of it as a trip down memory aisle. Point out your favorites (the toys haven’t changed much – think Legos, action figures, cars, dolls). A beloved toy is a great springboard for conversation and connection.

Magic Show


People of all ages are transfixed by tricks, and yet, it seems most magicians are hired for children’s birthday parties. Check your local listings for shows.

Many dates stall when the participants run out of conversation. Interesting outings provoke great interaction. Staring at each other silently doesn’t need to be your fate.

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