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4 Tips on How to Send a Message



So you’ve browsed our extensive list of black singles and you've found someone who looks like a great match. The next step is to send them an irresistible message to see if there they have some mutual interest in you.

Now, this step can be a little difficult. There’s obviously some pressure when you’re writing a message to a (potentially) meaningful person. But some users over analyze and spend hours crafting what doesn’t need to be more than a brief introduction and invitation for the user to message you back.

It doesn’t need to be difficult. Take a look at a few of the following tips, and you’ll be a message-writing machine in no time:

Tip 1: Relax

You’re not writing to a superstar here, so let go of your nervousness. Remember, you will always have something very important in common with the user you’re trying to message: you’re both looking to meet other black singles.

You don’t want to seem overanxious in your message. Just be light, polite, and funny (but be careful not to force the humor). Most of all—be genuine. You’ll want your recipient to feel like they’re speaking to the actual you, not someone you’re trying to be.

Tip 2: Reference aspects of their profile

There’s a reason why their profile interests you, so point it out to them! You might have the same taste in music, work in a similar industry, or share the same guilty infatuation with Oprah Winfrey. Whatever piqued your interest, let them know about it and demonstrate how you may be a good match.

Of course, what may have caught your attention is an attractive profile picture. And while it’s certainly ok to compliment their appearance, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to seem like that’s all you care about. Make a real connection with a user that goes beyond their appearance and they’ll know your interest goes beyond looks.

Tip 3: Take it slow

While most users hope to eventually go on dates with people they meet on our site, it’s important not to rush into things. In fact, we’d recommend not suggesting a date on your first message.

This puts much less pressure on the respondent and allows your relationship to develop more naturally. Most people are nervous about meeting a person in the real world who they’ve only known online—you don’t want to seem pushy.

Allow a little back and forth to develop between you and the other user. Once you feel a trust level has been reached, then it’s appropriate to try and meet up face-to-face.

Tip 4: Check your spelling!

You know you’re an intelligent person… but your recipient may not guess that if your message is stuffed with spelling mistakes. A few misplaced letters can torpedo this love boat before it even gets afloat.

You want to put your best foot forward, so make sure that you’re spelling everything correctly.

As long as you follow these tips, you’ll know you’re writing a great message. Just be you, and the rest will come naturally.

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