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10 Things to Do Before a First Date



Preparing for a date is important. If you rush over to the restaurant after work smelling only slightly better than a wild animal, the success of your date will suffer. Take care of these 10 essential steps before a first date to set yourself up to find romance.

1. Get a good night of sleep

You should be on top of your game on a first date. Especially if you’re getting off work not long before your date, getting a full night of sleep the night before can prepare you for a night out. Don’t run the risk of drifting off at the dinner table.

2. Plan your outfit

Decide what you want to wear in advance. Doing this the day before often works, because you have time to wash your favorite shirt before if you need to. For a first date, pick something you know you look good in. It’s important to feel confident. Not having to worry about your outfit on the day of will save you some stress.

3. Clean your car

If you’re the driver, make sure your vehicle is ready for inspection. Wash your car. Get rid of the empty McDonalds bags in the backseat. Have some good music ready to play. These things show that you care about your date, and the night is important to you.

4. Haircut

What applies to your car applies to you. Make yourself presentable. Get your hair cut and groom yourself in any other ways to show your date your good side. Looking good will attract your date, and give you more confidence (which is attractive too).

5. Check your bank account

If you think you’ve got enough cash for a night out, that’s not good enough. No one wants to get their card declined on a date, so make sure you’ve prepped your bank account for the evening. If you’re going to an event that may only accept cash, be prepared for that too.

6. Think of what to talk about

Conversation can be tough on a first date. You’re just getting to know each other, and this can lead to some silent moments. Do your homework. Learn what you can about your date from any mutual friends. Also, try reading the news or an interesting article before the date to find something to talk about.

7. Get ready early rather than late

Rushing around at the last minute trying to prepare for your date is not ideal; You will end up stressed, out of breath, and not ready to have an amazing night. Give yourself plenty of time to take care of everything, and even try to leave a few moments to sit and relax before a date to gather yourself.

8. Know where you’re going

If you’re the driver, make sure you know where you’re going, and where you plan to park. If you’re headed to multiple places for the night, figure out how to get to your next destination beforehand so you don’t have to look it up on your phone or ask directions. You will look like you know what you’re doing.

9. Brush those teeth

Dates are intimate. You start out close, and the goal is to get even closer. No one is going to be anxious to lean in for that kiss if they can smell your breath from across the dinner table.

10. Silence your phone

Many of us check our phones a lot throughout the day. That should change on a date. Silencing your phone and leaving it in your pocket or purse shows your date that they are your focus. Let things get romantic by having it be just the two of you, no phones.

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