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10 Things a Date Doesn't Want to See in Your Home


You see your stuff every day. None of it seems odd to you… but sometimes it’s advisable to revisit the possessions with fresh eyes. You wouldn’t want to be accidentally giving off the wrong vibe.

The object of the reevaluation isn’t to convince dates that you’re someone you’re not – it’s merely to keep their eyes on the prize (the Real You) and off extraneous, potentially embarrassing details.

Think of it as security clearance. Perhaps a date has level 2 clearance (name, rank, serial number), but they have to earn the Top Secret material (history as a high school field hockey mascot).

Some of the suggestions for black singles below are gender neutral – while others, no doubt, suggest a specific sex. (But, hey! Girls can have action figures, too!)

Ten things a date doesn’t want to see in your home…

1. Pornography

XXX Porn.jpg

Adult videos are like credit card debt – everyone knows you’ve probably got some, but it’s not the best info to lead with.

2. The Waiting to Exhale DVD

Waiting to Exhale.jpg

A.k.a. Female pornography.

3. A zillion action figures

Weird action figure.jpg

Yes, Batman is cool. The full collection of the Bizarro Justice League is something else. You don’t want them thinking you’re a recent escapee from the World of Warcraft.

4. A zillion pillows

Too Many Pillows.jpg

If you need a forklift to clear some boudoir real estate, it’s ixnay on the 26 Ikea throw pillows. Oh, and stuffed animals? Maybe if they’re a collectible Teddy Ruxpin—? No. Not even then.

5. Photos of the Ex

Young Black Couple 2.jpg

Nothing says “I’m moving on” like “So that’s me and my boy--- ex-boyfriend.’”

6. Dirty Clothes

Dirty Clothes.jpg

The only “dirty clothes” on your floor should be the ones you’re (potentially) taking off.

7. Moldy Leftovers in the Fridge

Chinese leftovers.jpg

A committed relationship with your Thai leftovers does not make you more dateable.

8. Dead Soldiers

empty bottles.jpg

Unless you’ve listed your relationship status as “alcoholic and looking,” you’ll want to chuck the empty box of Franzia.

9. Your mom

Angry Mom 2.jpg


10. A Dirty Bathroom

Dirty Drain.jpg

Nothing is a bigger turn off than a bathtub that looks like the floor of Tommy Lee’s tour bus.

Don’t let one of these problems ruin your chances with a date who might be just right for you.

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