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10 Online Messages Guaranteed to Break the Ice



“How about this weather we’re having?”

This is no longer an acceptable ice-breaker. Especially in the online world. You can’t just ask what your potential date does for a living, either: it’s already on their profile. So is their favorite color and sports team, so you’ve already learned the answers to those vital questions at well.

But who wants that boring small talk, anyway? You probably don’t, and I have a feeling your potential miss or mister doesn’t, either.

When you learn the odds and ends of a person, the feelings and memories that don’t always turn up in your first conversation, you see the real them. The person behind the profile.

Well, that’s sounds pretty good. Let’s bypass the ordinary and skip to the good stuff.

Here are 10 messages guaranteed to break the ice online.

  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?” There is often a story that goes along with this classic question, and that’s what we’re looking for here. Their story. Not just what they wanted to be, but why they had that dream.
  2. When was your last adventure?” This will mean different things to different people, but what you’re likely to get is a story about something fun they’ve done.
  3. What conspiracy theory makes the most sense to you?” You can get goofy. Dig into your imagination a little here.
  4. Where would you never go on vacation again?” Flip the vacation question and learn about a less-than-perfect trip. How they handled it might tell you a lot about them.
  5. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without speaking?” I’m not sure what answer you’ll get here, but it’s worth asking just to find out.
  6. When do you wake up in the morning?” Your morning routine often imitates your view of the world. Do they follow a strict schedule to maximize their morning productivity? Or do they roll out of bed with just enough time to take their dog for a walk before work?
  7. What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?” This can be telling as well. What makes them the happiest?
  8. What did you do during recess?” Learning about what your crush was like as a kid is fun. No one was perfect. Everyone was a little weird and goofy, and their recess activities may show you just that. Did they play four square, or were they too busy running around, kissing girls or boys?
  9. What is one thing you always procrastinate?” We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you and your crush can agree on how annoying it is to have to send out thank you cards or take out the trash
  10. Which toy do you wish you had when you were a kid?” Imagine the desires of the 10-year-old you once more. It could be fun.

Try one of these conversation-starters now to intrigue your online crush.

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