Five Ways to Take a Good Self Portrait

Five Ways to Take a Good Self Portrait So you’ve built a profile, filled out all your info and are almost ready to start mingling with other black singles. The only thing that’s left to be done is picking a good profile photo.

And while most people already have hundreds of photos of them at their disposal, it can be tough to find one that functions as a good dating site profile photo. Most of our photos feature us with our friends or family members, and other users won’t know which person is you.

It may be best to just take matters into your own hands and create a good self portrait. Don’t worry: it’s easy. Just follow these few tips and you’ll have a great photo that anyone would be proud of.

1. Show your good side


Even Vincent Van Gogh struggled with the concept of showing your good side

Everyone has a good side. Choose an angle that flatters and doesn’t confront the viewer. A close up shot looking dead into the camera can make the viewer uncomfortable. Try a bunch of different angles until you find one that works for you.

2. Pick a good location


See? Isn’t that better than a bathroom?

An overwhelming amount of self portraits have people standing in their own bathrooms. Bathrooms don’t have the best connotations – you’d rather people picture you standing next to something other than a toilet. Pick an interesting location like a place you’ve traveled to, a beautiful view or something that shows you in your element.

3. Use a clean mirror


Are those sneeze marks on your mirror, Sir?

If you’re going to use a mirror to take your self portrait, make sure it’s clean. Nobody wants to wonder what made those liquid stains and smudge marks on your mirror. Let the focus be on you.

4. Let there be light!


What, did you forget to pay the electrical bill?

Make sure you’re taking your profile photo in a well-lit location. We recommend simply taking it outside in the daylight. If you have to take it indoors, make sure to turn on all the lights and brighten up the room. No one likes seeing a dark and creepy house.

5. Dress the part


Smart suit, smart guy

While the saying “you are what you wear” is at times overused, when a single photo is all people have to go off of, it actually rings true. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. So put on your best clothes that represent who you are – just as long as they’re not pajamas.

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