Starting off on the Wrong Foot: 5 Classic Profile Photo Mistakes

Starting off on the Wrong Foot: 5 Classic Profile Photo Mistakes


So you’ve entered all your profile information and you’re almost ready to start browsing profiles and flirting with other black singles. The only thing that’s left to do before diving into your black dating experience is picking out a profile photo.

Obviously, this is a very important decision and a chance to make a great first impression on others. But there are several simple profile photo mistakes users make that may turn people off before they even get a chance to introduce themselves.

And no, failing to look like Tyra Banks or Denzel Washington is not one of those mistakes. Anyone can have a great profile picture as long as you just avoid these simple errors:

Not having a profile photo: Profiles with photos get 30x the views that those without photos. No matter how you view your own appearance, you’ll want to meet people who are comfortable with who you are. There’s a perfect match out there for you somewhere, you just have to be willing to let them find you.

Using a dated photo: We get it- everyone looks better when they were younger. But avoid the temptation of using your high school yearbook photo as your profile picture. You don’t want the first thought in your date’s head to be, “wow, he or she looked way younger in their profile photo.” People love honesty, so go with a current photo.

Lack of focus: Thinking of using a blurry profile photo? Stop right there. There are a lot of things you want your potential match to think when viewing your profile. “Why can’t this person figure out how to use a camera correctly” isn’t one of them.

Location, location, location: Where you are in your photo is very important. Good ideas for backgrounds: beaches, parks, restaurants, and other fun atmospheres. Bad ideas: plain walls, laundromats, public restrooms. Trust us, it’s been done before.

Trying to do too much: You don’t want to look too flashy or vain in your photo. It’s good to look nice and to try to put your best foot forward, but people can see through you if you’re trying too hard. Just be yourself and the rest will come easy.

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