19 Interesting Sex and Dating Facts Black Singles Will Want to Know

19 Interesting Sex and Dating Facts Black Singles Will Want to Know

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Statistics are always fun, right?  Seeing how you measure up – being able to anonymously pry into the habits of your fellow man.  Obviously, in today’s data age, there are stats on everything from tube sock manufacturing to the diets of snapper turtles.  Below, however, are some facts we thought you’d find more interesting.


1. Wash out that mouth, ladies!  More women talk dirty during sex than men.

Source:  Playboy


2. Female orgasms can cure headaches due to the endorphin rush.   There goes that excuse.



3. Snuffed: two leading causes of temporary impotence are tight jeans and smoking.

Source:  Live Strong


4. Maybe hanging yourself during sex isn’t such a great idea – autoerotic asphyxiation causes between 500 and 1,000 deaths in America per year.

Source:  Federal Bureau of Investigation


5. There will be no vibrating in the South!  Sex toy bans are still on the books in Alabama and Mississippi.

Source:  Fox News


6. 51% of single blacks use flattery to show interest in a potential partner.



7. Women have an average of 4 sex partners during their lives – men have 7.  Do the math; some lady’s getting a workout.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics


8. Passing the XXX along: Links having to do with sex are 90% more shared on Facebook than non-sex links.



9. For women, Big O often Big No:  While 75 percent of men always orgasm during sex, only 29 percent of women do.

Source: National Health and Social Life Survey


10. In America, men lie most about age, height and income in their online profiles.  Women fib about weight, physical build and age.



11. Web daters show their serious side:  couples who met online “court” for an average of 18.5 months before marrying while their offline counterparts average 42 months.

Source: Reuters


12. Silver Screen not so Golden:  Less than 1% of singles thought a movie was a good idea for a first date.



13. There are 54 million single Americans.  One tenth use dating services.

Source:  Plenty of Fish blog


14. Women, on average, marry at 26.  For men, it’s 28.

Source:  USA Today


15. Don’t count on her getting it next time:  49% of women claim they never pay for a date.



16. 17% of couples married in the last three years met online.

Source:  Chadwick Martin Bailey Study


17. More women prefer to date within their race than men.  As a group, black men are the most open to dating different races.

Source:  Study by Gerald A. Mendelsohn, University of California-Berkeley


18. Making ‘em laugh:  A good sense of humor and a shared cultural background are listed as essential by 3 out of 4 online daters.

Source:  Pew Research


19. People who post photos with their online profiles receive twice as many emails as those who don’t.

Source: MIT / University of Chicago study


I think we all learned something. Just remember that statistics aren’t everything.

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