How to Score at the Grocery Store

Most of us look forward to going to the grocery store about as much as we look forward to paying bills: it's an annoying chore we often don't have time for yet a job we have to get done. It's time to change your attitude about the hassle of food shopping and recognize the potential jackpot of young singles that await among cartons of milk and bags of chips. Think of the grocery store as another hot spot to socialize and scope out potentials. Here are six ways to turn a chore into a chance to score:

  1. Smile--you never know who is watching.
    No one wants to strike up conversation with a scowling face or someone who just elbowed their way to grab the last bottle of soda. Keep your mind-and expressions and body language--open and friendly to invite strangers to ask you a question about your favorite brand of pasta sauce or, better yet, your plans for Saturday night.

  2. Dress it up
    Florescent lights aren't doing us any favors when it comes to looking hot at the grocery store. So think twice before heading out to pick up dinner in sweats and a t-shirt. Dressing up a bit to show off your best assets is an instant confidence boost and will have you turning the heads of everyone up and down the aisles.

  3. Steer your own cart
    Don't wait around for someone to approach you. Cash in on the goldmine of options around and be bold. Spot a cute stranger, or perhaps someone you've seen in the aisles before, and ask how to tell if a peach is ripe or if they shop here often. These may be lines, but will come off as unexpected and endearing when delivered in the produce aisle.

  4. Become a regular
    Being a regular customer at a store gives the same perks as being a regular at a bar or club: Clerks may hook you up with deals and, best of all, you'll get to know other regulars. If you notice another shopper frequently, it's nearly a guarantee they've been noticing you too. Seeing each other frequently will melt the ice, leaving it up to you to heat things up further.

  5. Pay attention
    You may have a secret shopping admirer but you've been too busy hurrying through the store to notice. Don't let sale signs and lists distract you from meeting a potential date. Hold your head up, look around, and see who's checking you out. If you catch someone's eye, smile and check them out right back.

  6. Be a spy
    Go ahead, take a peek in the cart of that hot shopper next to you. Do the clues like chips, salsa, alcohol, mixers, and ice indicate a party is in the works? Take a chance and ask - you might score yourself an invitation to a fun night with a new friend.

So until grocery stores get some mood lighting glowing, cocktails mixing, and dance music blazing through the aisles, use your imagination to turn the grocery shopping into a place to see, be seen and to score.

By Fay Sigler for


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