How do Black Singles Find Dates in New York?

If it's true that you can find everything in New York, why is it so hard to land a good date? In the city of 8 million residents, nearly a quarter of the population is black and approximately 1 out of 3 is single. Yet, quantity doesn't always guarantee the search for a relationship will be easier. For nearly a decade, New York has failed to make Black Enterprise's list of "10 Best Cities for African Americans." High cost of living, long commutes and hectic schedules often combine to make living and dating in the largest American city difficult.

The Scene

Whether lured from other states and countries by Midtown Manhattan's bright lights or bonded to Queens since birth, New York's population of eligible black singles is diverse, young, thriving and ready to enjoy each other's company. The city's walk-or-take-the-subway culture makes it more likely that members of the dating pool will randomly encounter possible matches on the street. It's easy to spot an attractive sister or brother or the MTA, but striking up conversation with a stranger seem a bit awkward. So, where do SBFs and SBMs actually meet dates?

Make It Easy as 1-2-3

Much like each city has its unique dating culture, singles have diverse ways of linking up. Mix up your hunting tactics when attempting strategies to meet new people. Be creative. If you run out of ideas, visit one of the following locations where New Yorkers often find dates. Better yet, give all three a try!

  1. GO ONLINE. Visit online destinations such as "The New York City Black Professionals Meetup Group." The organization's 2,000 members participate in social events such as a special Hip Hop Karaoke Night and AIDS Walk New York. Meet a match who shares your interests.

  2. MAKE EYES WITH SEXY BOOKS. You're at a local bookstore. He's reading Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father in the African American nonfiction section. You're one aisle away browsing literature with a copy of Langston Hughes' poems tucked under your left arm. Best kept dating secret? Bookstores are a great place to meet dates. With locations in Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn-based hot spot Brownstone Books hosts monthly book club readings and other settings perfect for starting up conversation with someone new. Nominated for Nickelodeon's 2008 Parents' Pick Award as the Best Place for Family Bonding, the destination is a popular spot for singles with children.

  3. ATTRACT LOCALLY. Tourists trek to the Statue of Liberty. Out-of-town visitors flood Times Square. Yet, New Yorkers can find pleasure in travel destinations, too. Get attracted at one of the city's local attractions! Director Colman Domingo and playwright Lisa B. Thompson's "Single Black Female" showcased interesting perspectives on single life in the city's black middle class. The play is over, but New Yorkers continue the dating dialogue in their daily lives. Drop by lively cafes, off-Broadway theaters or cultural museums to attend various activities. Hang around afterwards to make conversation with fellow attendees. It's a large city. You're bound to meet someone sooner or later.

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