Renewal Promises for Pumas on the Prowl

This year will be remembered for the emergence of a new breed of woman in the dating world: the Puma. Although sizzling, single, 30-something pumas have always been around, it's time to really leave your prints all over this year...and this year's single men. "Pumas" may have been a clever PR invention designed to sell us eye cream, vacation packages or drinks but, ladies, embrace it and make 2010 the Year of the Puma. Pumas make their own rules—ditch all those false promises of a new lifestyle and embrace the great life you already live. Instead of setting yourself up to fail—has anyone actually kept a New Years' Resolution past January 2nd?—try renewing promises to yourself about what you want and how to get it.

Escape your natural habitat
Take advantage of early-winter vacation steals and treat yourself to some much needed mental and physical de-stressing after a hectic holiday season. Try an all-inclusive resort or cruise—these get-aways encourage vacationers to socialize and relax, making meeting men as easy as hitting the beach armed with tanning lotion and a bikini.

Go off the hunt
This may seem unnatural for pumas that don't play by the traditional dating rules. But planting some bait, sitting back and letting a man come to you can be empowering, not to mention adding to your mystique and intrigue. On your next night out, you should try sending a man a drink from afar. Let him figure out which lovely lady you are and go on a hunt for you for a change.

Get hooked on a new habit.
Use the New Year as a time to pick up a new habit, and a new man. Experts say it takes just 21 days to form or break a habit--put yourself on this 21 day trial and you'll be happy you did. Taking yourself out of your comfort-zone and old routine can not only make life more interesting, it will give you a new perspective on meeting people. Simple routine shake-ups like going to a different grocery store, a new gym, or taking a different route to work can put you in contact with new faces--one may just be your new match.

Draw them in with attitude.
You know you're hot as is. But a mini-makeover or updated look can send your confidence through the roof, and a confident attitude is more attractive to a man than a smokin' bod any day. Give yourself a boost by revamping your hair color or style, treating you to a hot new dress, or splurge on a new stash of makeup products. Or indulge yourself in all three and your dating calendar might just be booked for the rest of the year.

Prowl in pairs
Going out with a group of your best girls is a guaranteed good time, but may not bring you the best luck meeting a man. A group of hot women out on the prowl can be intimidating to most men and they may shy away, no matter how much they may want to chat or dance you up. Going on a man hunt with just one of your single girlfriends makes you more approachable and able to focus your full attention on the prowl.

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