Getting Scrooged by Your Sweetheart?

It's the season for Jingle Bells, All I Want for Christmas, and Santa Claus is coming to town. Or do the holidays have you singing a different, more depressed, tune this year? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that instead of mistletoe, candy canes, and champagne you'll be surprised with a lump of coal from your sweetheart? If you're about to be scrooged this holiday season by the special man in your life, you need to find ways to deal, and fast. Don't let a breakup, a bad gift, or being left out of holiday plans ruin your Christmas spirit. Take control of these less-than-festive situations and show that Scrooge who's boss.

"You Got Me WHAT?!"

Dating a scrub went out in the '90s...and even then it wasn't cool. If you're expecting a gift, you've probably reached a point in the relationship where you deserve one. In gift-giving, it's the thought that counts...except when those thoughts leave you with a gift you don't want under the tree. Avoid waking up on Christmas morning to an empty-handed cheap-skate by acting early and loudly: leave hints that can't be missed, even by a clueless man. Make your wish-list known, give some clues about what you plan to buy for him, and don't be shy to make it known how disappointed you'll be with an empty, or badly filled, stocking this year.

The Bad Kind of Christmas Surprise

If you sense you're in for a big lump of break-up this holiday, take control of the situation. Waiting around for a breakup to happen can sometimes be worse than the actual moment--it's better to know than to be the one left wondering. Confront your man about his true intentions. If he doesn't see your relationship entering the New Year in one piece, rescue yourself from holiday blues and say goodbye then and there. Ending a relationship is never easy, but showing a relationship Scrooge you won't be handled will give you confidence to carry through even the worst holiday break-up.

Alone for the Holidays

Plane tickets are booked and bags are packed. Too bad you were left in the cold on this holiday get-a-way. If you find yourself scrooged out of holiday vacation plans this year, it's time to make some plans of your own. Plenty of deals to exotic destinations are yours for the taking: a few days of beach and umbrella cocktails can turn into a perfect, if unexpected, holiday season. Can't pick up and jet away? Create your own holiday plans at home by hosting a party for friends and neighbors or organizing a volunteer activity. No matter your destination, having your own set of holiday plans will make your Scrooge's vacation a distant memory.

A New Year + A New You = A New Man

If the holiday season left you with a broken heart, and broken dating spirit, you don't have time to waste being down. It's time to get down with a new man and the New Year is the perfect time to find him. Start with a New Year's resolution makeover that won't have you going to the gym or on a crash diet: revamp your online profile with a new set of photos. Visit and treat yourself to a full portfolio of profile shots. Dating Headshots' professional photographers will bring out your best looks and help you attract new attention. Your 2010 calendar will be booked with dates before the clock strikes midnight.

Getting scrooged out of a relationship, gifts or plans during the holidays is never a good time. But turning into a Scrooge yourself will only make a bad situation worse. Rise above by knowing what you want, having confidence to stand up for yourself, and making some plans of your own. Your reward is a fresh start for a Scrooge-free New Year.

By Fay Sigler for


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