The 10 Hottest Single Black Stars

Who doesn't love a celebrity top 10 list? We talked to Brooklyn-based relationship writer Twanna A. Hines for her top 10 black celebrities whose actions and lifestyles can inspire singles everywhere. See if her favorites are on your role model list.

1. Halle Berry
Berry was called "the hottest mom on the planet" on and voted "Sexiest Woman Alive" in Esquire magazine this year after having her baby, Nahla Aubrey. She decided not to marry boyfriend of four years and the baby's father, model Gabriel Aubrey. "I find her inspiring," says Hines. "She's beautiful and she rejected the traditional route. She [and Gabriel] have a kid together and I think it's great that she's decided not to marry."

2. Whoopi Goldberg
"She's had a very successful career over several decades in Hollywood and she's managed to keep her love life out of the public eye," says Hines of The View TV show co-host. Goldberg has married and divorced three times and has two granddaughters, but, says Hines, "you hear mumblings of whether she's gay or not. I think that's how our society looks at single, successful adult women and [questions] their sexuality. It's peculiar."

3. Jaime Foxx
The Oscar-winning actor is single and is raising a daughter. Hines says, "It's important to realize single doesn't necessarily mean solo. I was raised in a one-parent household and, today, even more singles are bringing up children on their own. Families are much more complex than what you traditionally see on television and film. I have a lot of respect for solo sisters and brothers juggling parenting responsibilities." According to an interview this year, Foxx said, "I'm young, free, and single and it frees me up for more creativity. For me, being single gives me perspective."

4. Sean "Diddy" Combs
Though he's never married, entertainment mogul Combs is the biological father of 5 children, 3 with longtime on-again off-again girlfriend Kim Porter. Hines says, "He's so inspirational because he's out there doing it. It's been said the only way to stay relevant is to continue evolving and reinventing yourself. He does this amazingly well!"

5. Mario Lopez
"Okay, he's not African-American but he's still sexy as hell," says Hines about the Extra TV show host. "That smile. Those dimples. Yum!" The divorcee was named People magazine's Hottest Bachelor of 2008.

6. Mae Carol Jemison.
"Astronaut Mae Jemison was the first African American woman to travel in space. I think it's important for young black people to have role models who aren't exclusively entertainers and sports players," says Hines. "When I was a little girl, I was told, 'You can be anything you want to be.' It's good to hear that at home, but it's also necessary to see examples that validate those words. Wow, Jemison sets such a great example for single black women everywhere! When I read about her life and her accomplishments, I wanted to scream, 'You go, girl!'"

7. Tyra Banks
"She's flexible," says Hines. "Throughout her career thus far, she has successfully transitioned from modeling to hosting a reality show to helming her own talk show. Stepping into something new takes courage."

8. Jill Scott
The Grammy Award-winning diva announced this summer that she and Lil John Roberts are no longer engaged. Scott gave birth to their son in April. Hines says, "It reminds us all that, now, 'being single' is something people enter and leave throughout their lifetime. Many engagements are called off and marriages can be annulled or lead to divorce. Being in a relationship at one period of time doesn't mean it will be there forever."

9. Serena Williams
Sisters Venus and Serena recently won the U.S. Open Doubles Final for their 10th Grand Slam doubles championship. While Venus got engaged in 2008, Williams wrote a heartfelt blog about her 2008 for the whole world to see. According to the website,, Serena's blog ended, "But eventually you know you will pick yourself up. Eventually you know you will try again. And eventually you know you will find the keys to your heart, but also in the back of your mind you think.... Will it happen again?" We have to give her props for putting her pain out there to let us all know that celebs don't have it an easier when it comes to dating and breakups.

10. Beyoncé
Even though she's been married for over a year to Shawn Carter, Beyoncé's hit song, Single Ladies, proves that she's still going strong with her "girl power" messages and telling us that it's more than OK not be "have a ring on it."

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